My contribution to the Global Warning - Etienne de Crecy

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"As everyone learns, history can be cruel. And My Contribution to the Global Warming is a teacher with bi-polar classes. Back at the dawn of the 1990s, the embryonic French dance scene (The French Touch) was built by a bizarrely sparse tangle of hands: Daft Punk 's Thomas Bangalter, Air , Phillipe Zdar aka Cassius , Bob Sinclair. Yet there's one producer who's been pitilessly overlooked. Étienne Bernard Marie de Crécy was a draughtsman whose foundations still prop up the likes of Justice and the Ed Banger label with frictional aplomb. 

De Crécy has been behind some of the most urgent, delirious and downright seductive house music ever to escape from across the channel. Readers of a certain vintage might, when reading or hearing the name Superdiscount, experience spontaneous pupil dilation. And so they should, at the thought of his lurid, filtered and thematic compositions scattered across this tasty five-disc set, collecting material from de Crécy's 20 years of work. (...)"


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